• Base rate: Choose the number from among the first three tables that most closely matches your page count.
  • APA references corrections: See the fourth table below or multiply your number of pages by $14 for a rough estimate.
  • Optional doi and URL lookup: APA 6th edition style manual mandates this (see APA 6th ed., p. 192, para. 4 & p. 202, sec. 17), but most schools do not insist on this or do not notice. See the Separate Tasks section below.
  • Optional reference-to-citation matching check: This ensures that all entries in references section were cited in the text. I check thru auto-searches of author names, which is typically adequate. With this method, I simultaneously check for correct use of “et al.” (A more time-consuming and costly search can be done based on checking each in-text citation to make sure all citations in the chapters match the references, but this type of error would usually be noticed with the other type of check that uses auto-searches.) See the Separate Tasks section below.
  • Additional requests: Discuss with me other needs such as help meeting advisor requests, correcting extensive grammatical mistakes or known second-language issues, creating an abstract or chapter summaries, or formatting appendixes.

 It is also helpful for me to know your preference between these two approaches:

  • Cost-conscious: You would like me to simply make note of non-requested tasks that will need to be addressed prior to submitting your paper, so that we can discuss the potential additional costs.
  • Time-conscious: Without specific permission, you would like me to go ahead with minor tasks that were not specifically requested, but are necessary, such as (a) finding missing information in the references using quick google searches or the databases I have access to, (b) adding standard expected language that may be missing (e.g. a paragraph describing specific human subjects precautions). You may specify a do-not-exceed amount.

This estimate does not include edit time for references pages, nor does it include read-thru of text. The APA-only editing tasks require visual scanning for APA issues and auto-searches.

Note. Each document varies in its writing quality and adherence to APA style, so these amounts should be considered estimates, not firm quotes. Again, you are welcome to establish with me a budgeted amount that I should not exceed. I will prioritize the tasks as you choose, and we can discuss any remaining tasks after I’ve worked the time allotted for the budgeted amount.

Separate Tasks
Editing for the tasks below are offered cafeteria style for those who only need specific upgrades to their work. Generally these tasks are included in the APA edit and comprehensive edit described above, if and to the extent they are needed, with the exception of the two optional checks as described in the bulleted list above, for doi numbers and URLs in the references and the reference-to-citation matching check. The averages are calculated based on a typical 100-page dissertation.  


"To say that Ardell was an excellent resource to me during the finalization of my dissertation is an understatement. Two of my cohort members recommended Ardell as efficient, thorough, and professional. When I reached out to Ardell for assistance, rather than try to 'sell' me on her services she focused on what I was in need of. Ardell's services were well worth the cost. She even found a methodological error that my advisor had missed, which my advisor agreed was necessary to change. Although I'm a tenured professor, I needed an expert in APA. After my final defense, I submitted my dissertation to the APA review committee and after one review I was approved to submit and publish. Should anyone have any questions about my review, feel free to reach out to me: dalia1575 @ gmail.com."

-  Dalia Juarez, EdD, Associate Professor of English at Compton College.

Average Editing Costs for Proposals, Theses, and Dissertations
You may use these tables to estimate your cost of editing based on your document type and what type of editing you require. These costs are based on use of standard 1-inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point font. Add the costs from the bullet points below to arrive at an approximate total cost for your document.

Alternately, you may request that I do a light review of your document to make an estimate based on your page count, your described needs, your current APA adherence, and specific issues I might notice. However, I do require a pre-paid non-refundable $25 fee for this service, in an effort to avoid wasting time on casual or merely curious parties that may not be serious about using professional editing services. However, for those that become clients, I will apply the fee as a $25 credit towards your project. Thank you for your understanding.