Q. How do I get an estimate?

A. You could email me your document for an estimate for specific services, or the following information can help you to determine likely costs. The variation in editing time depends on the quality of your work prior to editing, the number of tables or figures needing editing, the number of citations and references, and whether your formatting elements are based on auto-update codes or self-created. 

This chart can help you to calculate an average of work hours I would need for the number of pages you are requesting to be edited. Enter in your calculator the number of your pages > divide symbol > enter the number in the “pages per hour” column for the type of work you require. Please keep in mind that sometimes documents have comparatively few changes needed; there have been times the edit takes me less than half the estimated time. On the other hand, some writers are challenged in certain areas and will need more time to reach a point of acceptable academic writing. You could prepay for 15 minutes of work that will be sent back to you, by which I can establish an average speed for your particular task request.

Q. What are your rates?

A. I have raised my rates gradually over the years, commensurate with the value added by my experience. Yet I recognize that the most highly qualified editors might seem out of the price range for those who largely staff the helping professions—nursing, teaching, psychology, and social work—that require APA style. With women as the majority in those professions, I have adopted a sliding fee scale with two set rates: $77 per hour for women and $100 per hour for men. This is based on statistics from 2012 showing that female full-time workers made only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men for equivalent work.

The traditional rationalizations for this inequity no longer apply. Women’s earnings are the main support or half support in 4 out of 10 families, and they are not less qualified, as women receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Men, kindly bear with us until we reach pay parity. I have equally enjoyed working with my many male clients and hope you will not be dissuaded by this policy.

See the Estimates question below for detailed per-hour, per-page, and per-word averages to see how these rates translate to per-project costs.

Q. What is the work process or steps we take together to complete the project?

A. There are many variations of how we can work together, but I’ll describe here the most common protocol.

1. You send the document needing editing, letting me know whether you want (a) just an APA format & style edit, (b) just a content edit (a read-thru for grammar and logical flow), or (c) both. Also let me know your deadline, if you have one.

2. I let you know (a) whether or not I can meet your deadline based on the work needed and (b) an estimate of cost, based on my average speed for the requested work and the apparent amount of work needed.

3. If you find the cost estimate feasible for you, send half the estimated amount as a prepayment, or a lesser amount if it’s a large job and you’re more comfortable with that. An electronic transfer such as Paypal will get us started faster, but you could mail a money order or personal check if you wish.

4. I will work the number of hours that was prepaid, focusing on the APA and format issues first, if that was part of the request. I will send the results to you in two documents. One will be a track changes version, showing all the changes I have made. The other will be a “clean” version, having the same edits but not showing the markup indicating where the changes were made.

5. I will let you know at that point if it seems that in finishing the requested edits I am likely to substantially go over or under the estimated time. I will let you know if I see a need for other types of work that you didn’t request, such as adding some standard wording (i.e., about human subjects concerns) that is typically included but is missing in your document. We can discuss your priorities for the continued work, and then proceed again as described in step 4 above.

If you would like more details, please click here to see more "fine print" information.


Q. What kind of turnaround can I expect? What if I am in a big hurry?

A. I can generally make shorter time-frames work, within reason. Turnaround time will depend on my current workload, your deadline, and the amount of time needed to complete your work request. To help me determine how quickly I can complete your request, first refer to the Services page for a description of the various types of editing services you might require. Then refer to the Estimates information above to determine whether the estimated cost makes sense for you.

The variation in editing time depends on the quality of your work prior to editing, the number of tables or figures, and the number of citations and references. These estimates are based on a sample of actual work times. These estimates are based on a sample of actual work times, but any estimate of the work needed for your document should not be interpreted as contract or quoted firm cost. Clients who are referred by my past clients most often feel comfortable extending trust that I will complete their work in a fair and cost-efficient manner. If getting a firm quote on editing charges is of particular concern for you, it might be that you’d be more comfortable seeking services from someone else who offers that. As explained on my Rates page, I find a per-hour charge the most fair. It is helpful to send your work with extra time before your deadline because I may identify topics you’ll need to ask your advisor about or errors that you might need to correct on your own, such as missing references that I may be unable to locate online.

Rush-Job Surcharge

If you request a quick turn-around time that will require immediate overnight work or more than 8 hours per workday until the deadline, a surcharge of 10% may be added. I will let you know in advance (before starting work on your document) if I will request a surcharge.

Q. When can you start? Do I need to put money down?

A. After clarifying what work you would like me to complete, you can request an estimate of charges based on my average work speed for the type of work requested. Please note that this is not a quote; the amount of charges will vary from the estimate depending on the amount of time needed for your particular document. Pay an installment at an amount of your choosing. It is most efficient and customary to send a payment at half the estimated amount. I will then work up to the number of prepaid hours and will send the document for your inspection as well as an invoice describing the work completed. We can repeat the process until you are satisfied that the work is completed. If the agreed-on work is completed before spending the number of pre-paid hours, I will refund the balance. This payment option allows you to keep track of the accrual of expenses so that you can make sure not to exceed your budgeted amount.

Payment options include the following:

1. Send Paypal payments to: ardell.broadbent at gmail.com. Please add 3%, which is the transfer fee that will be subtracted from the payment by PayPal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, let me know and I’ll send a payment request allowing you to pay thru credit card.

2. Send thru Chase quickpay or Venmo (which currently has no transfer fee). Call or message me via the contact form on this site for details.

3. To send a money order or personal check thru postal mail, contact me for a mailing address. This option may slow the starting date. I cannot start on the project until payment has been received.

For a simple APA and content edit with minor second-language issues, a recent average I calculated was 8 pages per hour (2578 words per hour) or $12.5 per page. This was from a document that contained no complex calculations or unfamiliar theories and had three pages of references that needed minor additions.

For a re-writing per-word or per-page estimate, a recent calculation was $300 for 1500 words or 5 pages. This was for an assignment in which I did much re-organizing and even extended the length of the paper after phone consultation to understand the author’s intended message (i.e., translated some ideas from verbal description to writing). This estimate included adding and formatting all references. Only citations were in the chapters, and I created the reference list based on that.