I know how important your writing is. Whether your next step is graduation or seeing your work published through a reputable source, professional editing can help you accomplish your goals. Drawing on years of experience, I will give you honest feedback, help you find the resources you need, or help you identify changes to make your work look sharp. I know how valuable your time is to you, so I make changes directly to your document, giving you a finished product that requires as little review time as possible. You are able to see and reverse any change if you wish to, but the format does not require you to review each change. I am a USA citizen. My primary language is English. I am also proficient in Spanish, should you prefer to communicate verbally in Spanish. I edit English language documents.

“Ardell Broadbent is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed. She is a skilled, insightful, and professional editor who listens to her clients’ comments and works to develop the best possible product for them.” 

—Rudy B. Frias, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Professional editing can improve your chances of getting the results you want with:

  • Dissertations
  • Thesis and term papers
  • Journal articles
  • Curriculum materials
  • Textbooks

For dissertation editing, the process is political as much as it is APA rule-bound. With years of experience and close alliances with faculty members, I’ve learned about when students are more likely to earn respect and progress more quickly by simply going with the advisor’s wishes versus when they’ll benefit more from standing up for their ideas (and what explanations to use) so they don’t get stuck in a situation in which advisors are likely to drag out the process, with additional costs to the student. It’s easier for me, as a seasoned editor, to detect when a committee member’s demand is going to put you through a needless run-around versus when a demand is justified, either by APA or IRB regulations or simply by traditional protocol. Coaching and understanding of methodology are value-added extras that my experience level brings. Clients have assured me that my services cost them significantly less than the tuition they would have spent by struggling on their own for another semester. I have a MA degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and have been working as a professional APA editor for well over a decade. I know from both personal and professional experience what it takes to get your work accepted, so that you can move on to your next phase or project. You will always work directly with me as the editor, and I will never outsource your work without your permission.

“I regularly refer Ardell to my dissertation students as she will ensure that they meet the APA requirements." —Diana B. Hiatt-Micheal, Ed.D., professor emeritus at Pepperdine University

My Goal

Although some of what I do will remain the inglorious work of inserting commas and parentheses where APA mandates, for client who I don’t know, I’m moving increasingly into a different model. I enjoy more using my full skill set, which includes coaching clients past the stuck spots. This includes everything from brainstorming about which methodologies will best meet a research goal, keeping track of crucial deadlines, and strategizing how to manage the political climate of their department. For these clients who I come to know well, my goal is that my editing and coaching will cost them less than what they save by graduating one to three semesters earlier than they would have otherwise.


I specialize in editing coursework, theses, dissertations, journal articles, and other texts that require APA format for publication. I have worked with graduate students and professors from many different cultural backgrounds and have edited over 400 dissertations. I have experience assisting clients who have a primary language other than English. I have research methodology experience in the fields of education and the social sciences. Feel free to request a work sample or references.

Academic Training

2002 – 2004 Master of Arts in Psychology; Pepperdine University; Los Angeles, California

1994 – 1999 Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Women’s Studies and Diversity Studies; Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah

Editing Experience

2002 – 2018 Freelance editor, methodologist, and writing coach for doctoral students

2004 – 2005 Writing advisor for graduate students at National University

2002 – 2003 Dissertation reviewer for the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University, for compliance with APA Publication Manual

2002 – 2003 Editor and research assistant for Pepperdine faculty publications, including award-winning monographs on school linked services and parent involvement

1996 – 1998 Editor for Brigham Young University Independent Study course manuals

Research & Writing Experience

2014   Co-authored article published in the Journal of Sustainability Management, titled Toward a Theoretical Integration of Sustainability: A Literature Review and Suggested Way Forward

2013   Co-authored article published in the American Journal of Business Education, titled Defining Sustainability in the Business Setting

2010   Co-authored textbook chapter with Mario E. Castaneda, Ed.D. & BaoKim Coleman, Ed.D. titled A National Overview of the Status of Inter-Ethnic Relations in the Urban United States. Published in Democracy and Multicultural Education, Conceptual and Theoretical Issues, by Information Age Publishing with editors Rumjahn Hoosain and Farideh Salili.

2001   Published original research in the peer-reviewed professional journal AMCAP, titled Factor Analysis of Theological Constructs Related to Fatalism and Free Will

My Story

Editing wasn’t what I’d originally chosen for a career path. I wanted to work as a therapeutic counselor, so I got a master’s degree in psychology. I put myself thru my undergrad and graduate schools by working as an editor and research assistant for the schools I attended. I had a manual dexterity score that was highest in my high school graduating class and off-the-chart language aptitude scores. I have an OCD attention to detail. In sixth grade when I first saw an outline in a textbook, I immediately began creating outlines to organize information. I also made graphs and charts showing the social structure of friend groups. It all added up to a natural knack for editing and research. Sometimes I dream up humanitarian projects I want to start, but when I ask myself where my greatest contribution to society could be, I come back to the idea that it might just be—based on what many of my clients have said—that helping students achieve their dreams is pretty close to being a therapeutic counselor, because I help them get unstuck and reach their goals. I’m also contributing as a student advocate with some of my writing projects. I prefer to focus on the positive, but at the same time we need to keep higher education institutions accountable so that they continue to serve their meaningful functions in society.